The Problem


+ A study on the racial wealth gap calculated that a dollar circulates 30 days in the Asian Community, 17 days in the Jewish Community but only stays in the Black Community for 6 hours

+ Black brands make up only 2.5 percent of revenue in the beauty industry. Yet Black consumers are responsible for 11.1 percent of total
beauty spending.

+ As of 2021 Black consumer spending reached $1.6 trillion dollars even as our net worth as a group declined by 14% which means our spending is not circulating back into the community at the rate that it’s leaving.


But what if we could use Black Consumer spending to narrow the wealth Gap by focusing in on three 3 critical areas

The 3 R's

A Formula for Financial Reciprocity

Research and Development

Effective product research and development that considers the needs, preferences, and lifestyles of the Black community is essential for so many reasons:

  • Cultural Relevance: Products that resonate with the cultural experiences and values of the Black community can better meet their specific needs.
  • Innovation: Products tailored to the community's requirements can lead to innovative solutions that address unique challenges and provide new product creation.
  • Empowerment: Supporting Black-owned businesses through R&D ensures economic empowerment, job creation, and a sense of ownership within the community.

Retail Investment

Increased retail investment in Black neighborhoods has far-reaching positive impacts:

  • Access to Essential Goods: Increased retail options ensure easy access to essential products and services, reducing disparities in quality of life.
  • Community Development: Vibrant commercial districts provide opportunities for social interaction, cultural enrichment, and community building.
  • Economic Growth: Investment in local Black Owned businesses boosts the economy, by creating jobs, and strengthens the financial stability of the community.


Accurate representation in products is essential for fostering a sense of respect, belonging and meeting specific needs:

  • Cultural Identity: Products that authentically represent the Black community's culture, preferences, and aesthetics help individuals connect with their identity.
  • Diverse Choice: Diverse product offerings ensure that Black consumers have access to a wide range of options that suit their tastes and preferences.
  • Inclusion and Empowerment: Representation validates the experiences and contributions of the Black community, promoting inclusion and empowerment.

Our Solution

The Black Owned Black Operated Collective or "B.O.B.O."

B.O.B.O. is a wholesale brokerage that exclusively sources for produces and sells Black Owned C.P.G. products. Through our Collective of Black-owned supply chain professionals we scale up the production of Black Owned C.P.G. products and certify them using N.F.T. Blockchain Technology. Making them:

+ Official through certification. Erasing any confusion around whether or not a product is Black owned

+ Transparent to trace and track the touch points of Black businesses used to create each product

+ Easy to procure for retail buyers looking to diversify their shelves

+ Easy to identify for consumers who want to support Black-owned businesses.

Our Ask

We're raising $500,000 through the sales of our Flagship product Line : "Kinky Self " in order to:

+ Map out and expand our supply chain network

+ and Build out our Blockchain

So shop with us on our Products Page

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