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  • BOBO stands for the Black Owned Black Operated Collective. It's a platform that supports Black-owned Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) businesses by providing sourcing, production, and sales solutions.

BOBO partners with Black-owned businesses to help them scale their operations, connect with retail buyers, and gain certification through NFT blockchain technology.

NFT blockchain certification uses special digital tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain to prove that products are Black-owned, making sure they're authentic and their journey is transparent.

Black owned CPG creators, Black-owned supply chain professionals, and retail buyers seeking diverse, equitable and inclusive procurement can benefit from BOBO's services.

BOBO helps Black Owned CPG creators scale their businesses through our Supply Chain Network establish retail relationships, and obtain Black-owned brand certification, allowing them to gain greater visibility and grow

You can support BOBO by becoming a partner, investing through crowdfunding, advocating for Black-owned businesses, and choosing BOBO-certified products.

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